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pursued in each school. But the most extraordinary thing of
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liability to recurring attacks of rheumatism, bad hygienic
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• We give the proportions of tliis reactive as one wliich is readily anil easily applied.
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incision more deeply, a cyst was opened containing a large amount
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for fractured clavicle. A perfect union of the fracture ensued, without deformity
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a firmer basis, since myelocytes are more surely differentiated in well-stained and even
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wa.s a native of this city, and was appointed to the medical
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Throat distemper, description of, and mercurial practice in 485
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ject, for gross ignorance, candidates who have been
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ulcers. Three dressers are here employed for this pur-
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not raise the epiglottis, because («)the tractile force stipposed to be ex-
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Physician to the Royal Maternity Charity ; Examiner in Midwifery at
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and to irrigate the wound before applying the sutures.
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cussed, treat satisfactorily all types of injuries occurring in
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extended this case would hardly come under that category.
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the attack, which was cured with quinine, occurred after only a few
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whether due to injury, lead, or alcohol may give rise to general
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(statements, and show that putrefaction may be accelerated or retarded
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galloped on hard ground, or when walked up hill, the animal being
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physicians of our own age in support of his opinions
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The medical profession of this country are under obligations to the
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of the hand as soon as one, two or three words are written. By
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rative axiom— long barrow, long skull. The face is upright,
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Case XI. — J. F , aged fifty-eight, discharged sol-
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two to five teeth. The palpi are free. The second pair of legs is
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therefore have their papers and illustration-, it any. in readiness tor the
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is the internal capsule — the motor highway between the optic
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ought to know. If by extra-tutorial work the knowledge re-
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latter of course suggests a gastro-intestinal or other infection.
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ance of arachnoid, and in five copious effusion at the base of the brain and
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and microscopes. Thus it was that Le Terrier and Adams, by calcula-
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Supposing the dislocated arm to be the left. Dr. Murray takes his posi-
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Carter Gray, of New York; secretary of the executive com-
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The Trypanosoma gambiense (Dutton) is from 8 to 25 /j. long and
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small depression. This can be readily washed, inside
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of the sense, that are its seat, must be in a healthy condition, and
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eased udders was not infectious in .some cases, but
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their interior districts. The ratio of increase of population within the last