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The important facts pertaining to the subsequent history of thrombi
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has been ascribed partly to the obliquity with which it strikes, and partly to
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Medical Students lose the opportunity of seeing cases of all
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Many cases of division of one vagus nerve by injury or during
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Commissioners of Lunacy have for some years laid special stress
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that the final decision of this question has not yet been
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toria purpura? alba; et rubra;, sen febris miliaria apnd uos
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preceded by malaria. Cardiac disease is occasionally associated with the
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;had a child. On examination, the left side of the pelvis was
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was strong reason to believe that the nearest rela-
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women in earlier times; gynsecology advanced only when women
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of the tissue protoplasm must be slowly formed from the proteid of the
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writers claim that the best medium for the cultivation
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as in the management of an incised wound, the artificial
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rule in the principal Continental cities, is stamped. This
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movement must not be hazarded by an accidental infection.
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Surgeon and a pathologist. Hunter knew that these subjects
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lasted four or five minutes, during which he was perfectly con-
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ing a few days only, after which her convalescence was
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ment by a liberal allowance of protein in the daily diet of the dia-
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Contact: James J. Couperus, MD. Associate Dean for Educational
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upon the filter by a warm 1 to 2 per cent, solution of sodium hydroxid, the filter
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anesthetic techniques and the development of better meth-
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According to some observers the inner side of the ankle is anaesthetic.
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and other consolidations of the lung. In proportion as they
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trunk empties into it. This comes through a group of malignant lymph-glands as large as
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secretion. Defective secretion, however, either with or without obstruc-
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Recorded cases of established respiration in a five-months
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be sent to London by railway only, andimmediately slaughtered
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been communicated directly by the cow, and from the
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always the contents of the stomach are expelled during the flrst acts of
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and sometimes a sense of weight or pain across the loins. Under
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stantiate the charge ; and I rejoin that his leading
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sionals — and by a 54-year-old agency system which attaches to each sales contract
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