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sufficient to effect a cure. The acquired form usually occurs in women

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ness is undisturbed, and his spinal as well as his cerebral functions are un-

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the ventricular parietes. It is often diflBcult, even after death, to deter-

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may simulate those due to lesions of the nerve-centres, or forms of local

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membrane. If these little dots are examined closely they are found to

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mucoid or colloid degeneration. The colloid degeneration begins with

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question of prognosis, for if a patient has all the symptoms of cardiac

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2. Tetanus neonatorum occurs in new-born infants from the in-

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showing a pyrexia of 102° to 104° F., the patient is said to have '' dumb-

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asafoetida, valerian, and the essential oils often quickly relieve the pain and

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children. If the disease is prolonged, the symptoms assume a tyiDhoid

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if the restlessness and delirium are less marked, the tongue more moist,

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plates is a very frequent termination of interstitial endocarditis. The

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resembles a chronic inflammation in any of the connective tissues. It fol-

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made without difficulty by running the finger around along the edge

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the surface of the wound has been rendered aseptic, if the edges of the

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and consist in limiting the diet to milk, gruels, and predigested foods.

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homogeneous, and translucent, with a dull, shining surface. Its reaction

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Treatment— A patient with acute rectitis should be kept in bed ; a mild

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age duration of those that recover is nine days. Each epidemic in this

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process of the radius is on the same level or higher than that of the

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It does not necessarily indicate the presence of meningitis, as was once

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appears about four months after the chancre; in fact, acute iritis devel-

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The contraction of these inflammatory tissues which form about the

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vided into compartments. On the third day pustulation of a few vesicles

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thrombus, nor should it be called puriform softening. Large cardiac

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