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of the heart. Disturbances of the cardiac function are very frequently

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cord. At the point of compression it measured one eighth

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ful and persistent examination of the urinary sediment for tubercle

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urine idceration of the duodenum and intestinal hemorrhage and

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one would have reooarse with success to serotherapy

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A child ten years old should be given five elevenths the dose

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appearance after the breath has left it and knows that

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blended another prism of perhaps less degree is added. The images being

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A physical examination of the chest showed that there were signs of a

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separate the paths which conduct the motor impulses without ma

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Boards for the purpose of raising the standards and improving

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symptoms pointed to complete transverse lesion of the spinal cord

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lorg that the disease dies out before the pilgrims return. From

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point thence called the centre of visible direction and this re

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been added for their respective tonic properties. Chiona

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into the nasal chambers. It there tinges the mucus discharges

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aorta were not enlarged. The left carotid took origin from the inno

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the metallic conductor will pass the current only through the stricture.

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English patliology and added some valuable contributions to our

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process while infiltration with fat is a mode of physiological develop

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anemia and leukemia. Helminthiasis is a common cause.

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mentary tract and as to exercise. A tar and sulphur

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the hepatic tissue has a normal apjDearance. The first small zones of

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initial survey. We took the opportunity of this request to

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vigorously owing to the more intimate connection existing

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The presence of such effete material in the circulation pro

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mittee on Fellowships and Scholarships Cobb Lecture Hall Room not later than

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cleanliness is the ability to dissect and to gently manipulate

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but much weaker than normal. He is somewhat short of breath

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express its indebtedness to those men. Meanwhile I think it only

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As bacteriologists we recognize incompatibilities and antago

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spread. The isolation of the bacillus of tuberculosis is the

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Statement and Recommendations on Physical Treatment for Disabled Soldiers ty

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to and almost touching each other. There are also two

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paper and which was not in the minds of its inventors it

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myoma involving only the muscular structure it might

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