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curettement, and of which I have seen a good many during the last three years.
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(10) pointed out that B. influenzm requires in addition to hemoglobin a vitamine
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Dr. Hayward, one of the most eminent of English homoeopaths,
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cold, warm, and hot bathing, friction, applications, and drinking
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Dental Caries. — This patient, a nuin, thirty-nine years of age,
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Watson on the Topical Medication of the Larynx. 205
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advantage with two grains of the extract of cascara sagrada.
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commandments, statutes at large, temperance pledges, and
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foot,' as being more comprehensive, as imposing this law
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cleansing often enough to keep clean ; mild astringents,
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d to cause it to spread rapidly. Thus among persons killed by lightning
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will send to us promptly either their papers, or abstracts of the same.
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nursing mother in childbed does not differ essentially
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been published, especially the celebrated case of Linser, in which a boy aged
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College of Physicians and Surgeons in i860, and served
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epidermis be removed, the paste No. 1 will act to double the depth of
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superintendents or boards of managers of institutions where
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true cause of entamoebic dysentery. Since that date the labours
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condition was found quite frequently at autopsies. From its
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interment shall take place until after the lapse of twenty-four hours from the
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Clark, of Olean, mentioned in this paper the several
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and not all of which are seen in the model. The loops of the duct form a
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hours and then recovered consciousness as if awakening from natural sleep.
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A number of letters have been sent us requesting our views of a change in
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They are universally present : in the air, iu the waters