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latent period that determine the direction of peristalsis.
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sachusetts General Hospital on November 11, 1872. Two months
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It may be said right here that the oxidation of the unsaturated hydro-
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168 Observations on the Natural History of traumatic Tetanus.
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perhaps it has a greater prognostic importance than abnor-
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Dr. Stokes is confirmatory of that of the other writers. In the
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solution yet proposed has met with general acceptance, and the cause
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From the edges of these centres the new formed cells are
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Her last menstruation was delayed twenty days. She has no hysterical
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hence the horizontal position is naturally assumed to lessen
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by the administration. He had previously been consulted on the
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chronous with the respiratory movements, and an expert will -quickly
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Now, what "s all this noise for? It's a sp> cinien
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4. Correspondenzblatt f. Schwelzer Aerzte, Basel, 1875, p. 6.
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was flexed beyond a certain point the patella would
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becoming more pearly from scratching, especiall}' over the elbows and
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vomiting that so frequently accompanies the cough in phthisis,
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adipose tissue. On section a white caseous mass was
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30, 1888, presents a readily intelligible account of the work
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seventeenth-century England the terms "marsh fever," "intermittent
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part of descending thoracic aorta twelve, lower part one, abdominal
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Old Deer, Dr Andrew Moir, anatomist, and other well-
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Pig. 6. — Ovum highly magnified. Note the shape and observe the
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mane. Penal discipline is injurious to the insane ; luna-
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lowing interesting case in Ch, A. Struves Triumph der Heilkutut (Breslau,
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to suggest that some cases of asthenopia can be relieved
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" Finally, uterine symptoms are not always present in
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left middle turbinal and septum. There is no perforation, but there
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on July 22nd, 1SC2. Four or five days previously, she
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sibility of inter-thoracic tumor. Had the absence of breath sound extended
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lying in a bed literally soaked in blood. On making an
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dulla, but the more frequent occurrence of convulsions, the vomiting,
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the skin of patient over the field of operation after its
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is not to exceed forty, and such punishments are always to be given in the
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trust and oppose it almost as strongly. In order to show that
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ments, especially our drainage and water-supply, so that the epi-
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jected into the mesenteric vein without causing glycosuria. Cases aie rei»orted
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of the joints were swollen and exceedingly painful. This affection