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was pressed over to the left side, where the innominate

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sibility to external stimulants ; painful cramps in the lower limbs ;

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of the case. Iron, quinine, and the bitter tonics generally

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in the work in the post-mortem room at Guy's was enhanced

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dissolved in water, alcohol, and ether, and then evaporated.

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It is in. mitral regurgitation, perhaps, that I find the -wild

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enough is commonly ingested in the form of butter, cream, oil, and as a con-

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Loss of Blood, 1830, p. 22) shows that the improved

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assistance ; but his power of articulation has not yet returned.

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impacted, liecauso he had been able to take a few steps after the

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tion. In the absence of these, I must say that my attention was di-

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latter may be loosened from its anchorage without any nuclear con-

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|)ressed with what he had seen, and continued to talk of

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latter. A filtrate of a culture of the colon bacillus gave

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for the prolonged course of the disease, and prevents healing. It does

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familiar with it In reading the histories of clinical cases

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flattening, while moist sounds may be altogether absent, or

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printf("(%8.4f %8.4f %8.4f) (%8.4f %8.4f %8.4f)\n", points_lr[i][0],

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succeeding each other in the march of medical science; but without ma-

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Mrs. M., set. 55, was first seen by me in the fall of 1860, She bad

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was used under the bacL Incision in the right rectus muscle

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continent, at Cincinnati, the author saw many cases which had succeeded

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" Eesolved, That a committee of five be appointed to

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DiSBAses OF THS Bux)D (Anemia, Chlorosis, Leukemia, Pseudoleukemia).

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1896, X. 774-784.— Bosscl-Hasseii (F.) Ueber Sioi iin^eii

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vessels in various tissues other than the brain. (2) Rupture of the

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British Medical Association, which that University had done

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diarrhoea t)04, measles SO, diphtheria 82, whooping-cough 71), fever

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their inventors but by a great many "cured" patients

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blood examination revealed no plasmodium. ening, she experienced nausea, which was

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the ventricular cavity, ^ve have just seen, is at this time one and undivided.

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writer in the Buffalo Medical Journal, are leading the way toward

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oped. After several years the patient had begun to notice that

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