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elbows turned out, his mouth open and his tongue protruded.

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consult physician before increasing dose or abruptly discontinuing this drug.

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evidently gave rise to the leucocythemia (Case CXCIII.) ; and in certain

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Lastly, As to the point to which I wish to call special attention —

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action of the cervical sympathetica is mydriasis, and that

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Swiss statistics, being 10 per cent. (2) Sedentary occupations predispose

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removed on the 26th, and he was discharged cured on July 24,

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hand-to-hand combat, in which good sense, backed by genuine scientific

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Protest against Vaccination. — A report from Ber-

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patients. The collections and contributions for the same

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Hunt, New Jersey ; treasurer, Dr. J. Foster Jenkins, New York ; secretary,

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of the geology and topography of the catchment area.

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medical wards, and one for every bed in surgical wards. Eight and ten

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twenty-eight and one hundred and forty-three, making in

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we may differentiate a blood-platelet from a spore with certainty

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Bird. Ou May 2nd, at Seebpore, Howrah, the wife of Kober

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The joint meeting was a success. New acquaintances were formed and

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be provided with a serviette, as the discharge is often quite sufficient

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contents is due to an abnormal activity of the bacteria in the intestines,

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The physician entrusted with the management of maladies peculiar

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of the intercostal spaces, either by the knife or by actual cautery,

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the advantages of private practice, and the judicious prin-

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some of the latter at least a more or less definite periodicity in the

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Professor Sir Thomas R. Fkaser, President, in the Chair

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Watson E. Rice, C 0. Belden, Edward H. Welch, -John

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