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and of caffeine, in injections of approximately 1 gr. The local application

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vaginalis was ossified and the right testicle diseased. Ine

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abscess contained six drachms of pus. The anastomosis was

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bed in good condition. Circulation in the foot good.

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laid down, I am nevertheless prepared to admit [without

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observed among those men who were sent to the extreme South, who had

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140. Influenzal Effects on the Upper Bespiratory Tract.

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The peculiar displacement of the tissues seen here pro-

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should also be given before rectal and vaginal examinations,

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Administered in the intractable vomiting of pregnancy it

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nitrogen, from which are derived 2,569 calories. After deduction of loss

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sue. All these features are sufficient to distinguish it from sycosis.

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been found associated with streptococcic endocarditis in the foetus, and not

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liim. Judging by the first paper, the cause of sleep has

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sometimes involve costly investigation or risky therapy. If

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well illustrated by contrasting Mr Henry Lee's experience

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the serum of the blood. While the animalized corpuscles remain in the

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is heavier than spinal fluid, the level of anesthesia

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Then I gave my books to my friend. Dr. Wood, who is younger than

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pected of syphilis, wherever he goes. I say, in nine cases

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•with irregular astigmatism, Mr. Wilson notices the curious appear-

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bile. Subsequently the bile is more liquid and clearer.

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whatever their circumstances, to insist on granting

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enemy capabilities, weather, and terrain) and have been progres-

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year. Its chairman shall submit an annual report to

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Mrs. B. p. was admitted to the St. Agnes' Hospital, Phila-

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less resistance to germs. Observers had noted that changes

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four hours of her life. The cerebro-spinal fluid was normal, but for a

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population of five and one-half millions, showed the

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slight extent of the variations from the normal which are met vAih. The