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the more strictly psychological chapters ; for, after observing in

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ceptation, four principal varieties, viz. — 1. The alluvions of the river valleys,

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Avhich were firmly clenciied, and could not be opened a fourth of an inch.

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atmosphere of a crowded city, more especially if a maritime position, there

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fill with blood and swell up considerably when it is cold

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two cases of herpetic eruption which occurred in patients labouring

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I underneath it; and again, we can believe that strong spasmodic contraction of

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ration through the meshes and interstices of the cloth,

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should have, are accustomed to removing turbinate bodies J

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simple cut or abrasion, and bichlorid of mercury actually f

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pectation is fully justified by experiences of those alkaloids which,

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twenty-four hours when the acute symptoms are reduced; the patient

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the bone. The extreme pain is due to the unyielding

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pendicitis is the most frequent form of appendicitis.

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and also in mucous membranes is often preceded by a similar change

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vessels are seen anteriorly to them. A third granulation is noticed

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In the first hundred cases, among drinkers of ardent spirits occurred one half

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strength, but who are suffering exhaustion trom febrile excitement.

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the best mode for detecting minute portions — that there exists in the bones

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with the nicest tests no arsenic can be detected in the viscera. It is not

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cases of fistula lachrymalis; and I conceive it might be found useful in many

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which it is the object of the modifications in question to obviate.

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afterwards described, is to be inserted in the puncture, and held there for a few

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sent efficient organization, is peculiarly qualified to obtain the necessary infor-

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at that institution, during last year, than at any similar previous period since its

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The Atlantic was kept in strict isolation at the quarantine station

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mote. I find that out of the eighty cases, in ten no mention is made

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and the iimocent alike, but we are convinced that, bad as

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that he is the author of no less than four works on Homoeopathia. This is

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It is well known that the same injuries and diseases are more fatal in cities

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