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features which have been mentioned in a previous section [vide page 698).

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in origin. Where real dysphonia (difficulty or imperfection of

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nostic error. However "positive" curettage is always

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mens. I tnentioned before that 1 stained some of the

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April 28-30— 14th Annual Spring Diagnostic Ultrasound Confer-

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under normal circumstances, the red corpuscles also oiiginaite from the

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Lymph-glands. — Isolated cases have been observed, associated

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The process sets in slowly, and it makes tardy progress. When

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hippocampal fissure (Fig. 83 m), which runs round the orus cerebri, and

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not willing to run so great a risk as was apparently to be taken

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stay in bed and had wasted to ninety eight pounds in

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up and the patient should be made to sort them and make

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wheels give riders a false sense of stability compared with

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tions. This type of positional nystagmus persists as long as

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precede and prepare for the reception of physiological medicine.

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anywhere involved, it must come out, and the incision

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were helped with drugs, dressings, prostheses, blood

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ring promptly shall cause severe distress. Lastly, we know that cancer

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cured. The best results in these growths are not to be

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stead of being cyanotic the patient was anemic. There was

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d* OloLy el de Bhei^ September 10, 1898, reports the following: A

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prevalent before the epidemic in widely separated parts

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jective symptoms which j)ointed to involvement of that organ. We

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whose respiratory organs are apparently in perfect health, may become

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known. He added, "There is no fear of the people drinking

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cess in his prcpostorons plan of self-improvemetit, wo fear that

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siderably exceed twenty thousand in number, which are more

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had been accomplished that had been attempted at the operative

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this simple plan was difficult to carry out. Recourse

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and I named to him a physician of well-earned distinc- j

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