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he observed spastic mydriasis, the pupils being unequal,
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and "flying" in nature, but the muscles of the back of the neck, the lumbar
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terviews which he had with Mr. Whitney In the statement of the case I am about
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The first chapter of this excellent book — "Clinical Investigation of
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of one side would affect the whole lobe, while the other side remained
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or prolonged fatigue, the appearance of varicose ampull© at the
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jmetimes primary cirrhosis of the kidney, form a not
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patient had refu'^ed it. She was taken to the Lambeth In-
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water, i. e., converting it into vapor. That the heat is really
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the bladder, and at the same time it is not long enough to curl upon
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the presence of sugar in the urine being almost the only
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will be ivfefuL if they ferve to lead phyficians to
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drains anterior to the clavicle into superclavicular glands. The mus-
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co-existing organic disease of the heart or the aorta. Anstie found arsenic, in
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Dr. Tilbury Fox feared that the result of appointing a
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ficial and never reach the submucosa, the cause of the
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that the plant has "no stem, no flower, no seed." Galen's account
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On the 1st of October, 1876, a package of ivory points, charged with
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occurs without it compel the recognition of these local inflammations as
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standard of truth, and explain its immutability," — a rather wide sub-
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hydrocephalus was what might be expected from the nature of
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with the catheter. He regained his usual health, and needed
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smaller the number of roots tliat are affected and the smaller is the
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tion, whicli became more apparent on the removal of
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attitude toward the power of suggestion, which, as he says, " runs
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by preference, the practice of those Physicians who you find
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or those in which there is mixed infection. There seems to be a tendency
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particular situation demands." Morrissey v. Brewer , 408 U.S. 471, 481, 92 S. Ct.
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is present (unless marked aortic regurgitation coexists).
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I did not pass one- half as much as I ought." ^< Have you
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avoid the accidents due to the penetration of the needle
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of the patient for some time. On seeing him again a few months later
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this week. In several country districts eases of small-pox —
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1890, vii, 83. . Eine Epizootie der Mycetophiliden.
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Investigation of credentials and experience is the responsibility of those seeking applicants for positions.
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saliva is not a peculiar substance which deserves the name of diastase, as
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times have 1 heard it said, "O that is heat lightning, that never does any
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years, gave forty grains of antipyrin in ten -grain doses
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has never seen it amongst the Negroes or Fellahs. At first