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For the introduction of the catheter in cases of obstruction, • $ 1 to 20

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clinic, treated with serum or otherwise, with the general statistics.

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set of circumstances. In short, in this whole group of diseases, one

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time, in a particular manner, to surgery. And this study being

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the emotional disturbance been reallv associated with exhaustion.

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puscles can be bound with their antigen (Table VI).

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ness, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes delirium, convulsions and coma.

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faculties are blunted, and there is headache and a constant desire to sleep,

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Epilepsy is a })aroxysmal disease ; it usually occurs early in life and is

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and the toxicity of different strains of bacilli. Spengler reports death in 11 weeks;

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mained at 37.5°C. The same dose was given for the second, third, and fourth

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the Society distinguished men in the profession who are

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kind. In the mildest cases a child simply seems awkward, breaking dishes,

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isolated from normal sputum possess immunological reactions identi-

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A conversation took place in reference to the continued and in-

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the content after morphine was just the same as that of the left adrenal.

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the interscapular region had also a slight dull sound. At the left apex a number

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6. Chiarolanza, R., Z. Hyg. u. Infeclionskrankh, 1909, lxii, 11.

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■of action of the preparation is not yet entirely clear. But if it

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What,, then, is the position of the Question so far as the present

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one to three, or four cases at most, and those at long intervals. For

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thymus recognises for its principal cause a scrofulous heriaitary pre-