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The scrotum existed upon one side only. It was corrugated
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smooth. Morbid adhesions of the opposed peritoneal surfaces are not
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or less size. These are not infrequently found after death. They are
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gitis with the exudation of lymph, from oedema of the glottis, and from
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where, although he seldom addressed his associates, his remarks
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detected in the act. With many, no doubt, dirt-eating is a symptom only
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on ni}' own experience. It is sustained by the statistics communicated
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clusions which, although not universally correct, because no
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jectionable on the same ground. Cathartics are hurtful on account of
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cation in health are to be borne in mind. Jn its normal condition, the
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Treatment of Acute Pleuritis— Measures indicated in the First Stage— General Considerations
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original vials of one ounce, and in McK. & R. 5 gr.
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family, seven in number, were victims of this disease in five years — the
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no doubt frequently produced those results which have been too
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siderable portion of cases is sanguinolent. This appearance was noted
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What are the considerations which warrant this conclusion ? I shall de-