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prompt, and usually more complete, relief without electricity. When
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(Fig. 8 is after Ewart, the rest after Dodel-Port, based ore Dr. Koch's photographs.)
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of acid liquid to be examined. The kind of apparatus employed in this stage
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Three or four minor works of Vesalius have been added to the
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namely, the anterior and the middle cerebral. The anterior cerebral
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of a pelvic abscess in tne vagina, the examiner feeling certain that it will
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for the chief importance which at first attached to the
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the lighter it is, so much the better. But indeed this operation is oftener super-
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did not take more than half that quantity, and that it had been
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nesbes of which vary much in thickness, and enclose large and circular spaces,
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oped, and they claim that they should get as many calories as if they had
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have caused confusion, and the formation of the vesicles in the hair of
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inflammation. It sinks in water, and is no longer crepitant, but breaks readily
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incidental to the various instrumental methods of estimating arterial
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A polypus may be defined to be a tumour attached by means
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Of the remaining eight cases three involved the anatomical (two of
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Symptoms. Addison's disease begins as a rule very insidiously,
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to both diseases. There is one important distinctive point between
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i were (Edematous, the right more than the left. She