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level with the shoulders, the ulnar surfaces of the patient's wrists rest

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using it, but that soon passes away. He had been told by Dr Bal-

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could not be found invading the healthy tissue. The pure cultures

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reaction of the brain extract at the beginning of autolysis was

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ated with two of the cases of meningitis. Hasslauer also reports this same investiga-

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measures are being used. The danger of the latter therapy can be much

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lowing admirable speech, much of which is applicable to all cities,

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Monday, 2d August, in order that the catalogue may be complete.

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infant ? Very little when he is first born, but useful when he grows

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which he found that the amount of phagocytosis and the destructive

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patient acquires Bright 's disease, the latter is more important thera-

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milk sugar. Milk has an undoubted diuretic action, due not merely to

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immediately after the cessation of the administration of the ether. The figures

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slight fever and no complications, but eontraindicated where there is

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lunatic asylums in this country are on this system.

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Retrosternal Pain. — This comes almost without exception when the


The other papers of the first volume have undergone less alteration.

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consistently with maintaining the body weight. If this can be done, the

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firmed by the results derived from over 500 cases in which such a deter-

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' "Ueberein Toxolecithid des Bienengiftes," Berl. klin. Wchnschr., igo6, 43, p. 1424.

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One of the most torturing symptoms is sleeplessness. If not relieved,

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the lame to walk, and thus restoring many heads of families to

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