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The thumb may be amputated by the oval method, by making

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sublimis, latissimus dorsi, triceps, radialis externus, longus and brevis.

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that perfect cleanliness of the ulcer is more important than

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gery.' In 1792, a legacy of £400 was left the College

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hepatization ; pleurae normal ; larynx, trachea, alimentary canal, and peritoneum normal.

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siderable amount of literature dealing with alastrim is to be found in

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difficult to understand how a person could be qualified in

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ing that of a pea, situated in the subcutaneous tissue, or loosely attached

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constantly recurring contractions of the quadriceps femoris.

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hexamine. This is one of the few useful drugs which the cells

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well mentally inside of three months. Some, however, took a

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by Dr. Nancrede, 1 both of whom found that they could excite

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Dr. Roberts, in reply, said tliere was no probability of seminal infection,

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8. MacPhee, L. and Walker, B. S. : Intestinal Giardiasis in

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mors on the body of the patient in question — situated in the

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amount. On the twenty-seventh day a pint of pus had been

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other fatal case referred to occurred in a good house, which was occupied by a

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affection on which they depend is a progressive one, or ceasing permanently

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sidence to the normal, so that for the last few weeks the patient

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members and organizing each of these; developing and approving by-laws; obtaining attorney