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dicitis and general septic peritonitis which had developed before

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07 Rhubarb. — Constipation, Small Doses for Diarrhoea of Infauts.

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passed for completeness, compactness, and simplicity of arrangement.


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was intimately associated and engrafted on typhus. It seems

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inflammation going on within the head, when we find it externally

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from an actual tubular nephritis being set up in the kidney, just as a bron-

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should result at all, in preference to ethane. The fact that this reaction is

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or four hours by an aperient draught, are often indispensable

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another application it acted as a stimulant to primary digestion, in-

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condition of the lH)wel at the time. If in treating apjx-ndicitis by

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patient, will produce such satisfactory results. — British Medical Journcd, May

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chapter on phosphene, by Dr. Serre D'Uzes, in Warlomont and

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respect ; (5) The age of the patient is invariably under 40,

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the possible fallacy in some cases of mistaking the respiratory