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bones of the pubis were feparated from each other, or
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regards the quantity of glycerine to be used, it will vary with the size of the sub-
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spirometer shows that he is deficient in " vital capacity," then the
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work in tlu; |iast, not only laid claim to he our central sani-
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who look upon the paltry amount of the subscription as more
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of the sparrow. It runs a double cycle — from sparrow to
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the male fertilizing element to lack vigor or be absent
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wound. The lower portion of the canal falling into dis-
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with healthy animals, if fleas be excluded, does not give rise to an
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tion. Carefully opening the mass I was surprised to find a large cavity
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almost every state in the Union, as in South Carolina,
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practice of all large cities, and, while spirits are still given for
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there is evidence of their having passed off by the kidneys
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regular and strong. Even in cases of mitral insufficiency,
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Resolved, That we express our sympathy for this loss and
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disturbance of the stomach with nausea and vomiting alternate it with
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shaped capsule. This structure not only limits and covers
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last case G lbs, of sugar will be needed to preserve it.
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is the optimistic one conveyed by our author, that :
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I think this drug dangerous in eclampsia. It ihakes the bronchial
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LITERATURE.— Articles : "Choleraic Diarrhcea," "Colon," "Faeces," and ".Gastro-
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amined later the same day and taken 24 hours previously showed a
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it is formed ; (b) it should approach the front as closely as is
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memory Sir William always cherished with feelings of deep
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(a) A case of hydatid of the kidney which has been success-
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palm and syphilitic hyperkeratosis of an analogous region, the sole.
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long adopted province. My heart is warm to all, but I cannot
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deglutition be difficult, enemata must be used. The inhalation of
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'old' larvae were. If the 'young' larvae were only several weeks old
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road by which our science has reached its present position,
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that it was impossible to obtain a specimen of alveolar air for analysis. She died
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right hand and the tongue, the latter affected bilater-
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i with the Ad Hoc Committee on Drug Abuse for future
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2. Fresh lemon juice, 4 oz., lemon-peel, \ oz., white sugar,
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withdraw the knife, and finish the operation with the scoop.
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