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interpretation was the correct one was confirmed by direct inspec-

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most frequent and active members. He died a few years since at

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auxiliary body in carrying out public health schemes.

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ence of the method of preparation, it was found in one series of experi-

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anterior wall, in the pyloric half of the stomach, especially if there

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like,' but in its practical application the breeder must make

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An accurate fixation of the upper limit of agglutinative power is often tedi-

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was not surprising to see the party of high ideals ob-


remove their hats as soon as the door is passed, and remain

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regarding certain diseases jf a persevering traveller

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a cubic foot, — but which, mixing as it escapes with many

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extent of two or three ounces, and death immediately

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treatment furnishes the best chances for recovery from the disease in

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diffusely in the tissues, free incisions must be made ; and where these

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upon them in the short space of sixteen weeks, must either slide from them

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have to find out what lesions of the brain have been ascer-

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Hospital. A.B. 1957, Washington University; M.D. 1961,

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ture normal and the patient doing as well as could be expected,

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assuredly be imparted to the foal. Almost invariably the foal

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foot up, for he cannot kick, neither can he run fast enough to

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in the submucous tissue of the' colon after death. The charac-

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words, a public book for the public Aveal, to be used freely, either

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There was occasional epistaxis. The urine became normal in fourteen

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strated in solutions as weak as one in sixteen hundred.

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Severe sedation, lethargy, disorientation and coma,

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from measles, to diagnose the existence of suppura-

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that no leakage had taken place, that in some places

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effused. In Cirrhosis, the effusion is copious. Dr. Budd relates a case

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sideration. ;: materially the census report. It would

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Lily of the Valley from the manufactory of Parke, Davis & Co.

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upon in early cases, but in late established cases, if the

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assume that the secretory in addition to the motor function is

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a committee, prepare a law on the subject which will cover every

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m. p. 5. — That they are transitory in action, and cannot re-

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consisting of a dozen or fifteen. I was forcibly reminded

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wife could return to afiift at it. La Motte was fur-

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of the latter to the ounce of oil The oil softens tbe sur-

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some days ago, adjudged by the Cattle Commissioners

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as to become " operable," — and an operation can then be performed

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two New Years than we now do in one, because frequency would render it

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results concerning the effect of weak alkali on the activities of extracts