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ceases on the third day. Since in the autolysis of uric acid am-

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the Coast Survey Steamer Patterson, and to proceed home

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experience than I can claim. Albarran and Imbert ^ have

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(3j — 4.0-— of the salicylate and njjx — 0.6 — of the tincture of opium in each

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cases, a matter of absolute necessity. After the pus is evacuated, a cure-

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outer corner, are steps often collaterally adopted.

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aggregate of s|)inal and other deformity, giving sta-

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condition. This increase in size affected tumors presenting an identical com-

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shaken vigorously. After the mixture has settled into layers

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As all their Inietioas are appar e ntl y normal, tiiej are anafale to ac>

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was free from the left kidney. Necessary manipulation

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a spiral wire mixer (L), which from the beginning until the^ end

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greatly intensified after an attack of influenza. Sim-

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persons advanced in years, or of those whose constitutions have been

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Sajs that he obtained some rest at 12 m. last night.

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trachea, into the oesophagus, or externally ; of the transverse portion,

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** Harry Melville Dunlop, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Vice-President,

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designed for Lecture Rooms and public instruction in Schools, Academies and Colleges. PorUMe

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cesses of the ilia to give a minimum of 18*9 centimeters, a maximum

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case of the alkalis, this is due to these solvents failing to act in a com-

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about one-third of the cases. The centrifugal machine

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at the onset may be tried, but permanent good selaom follows from its use.

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cannot be used on account of different rays acting upon them in

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tained as long as possible. Along with this give internally

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vermiform process, and along the velum interpositum. Choroid plexuses too

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I shall now consider those cases which came under my own observa-

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It is obvious that the symptoms vary markedly according to the

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the symptoms of the tubercular form differ from those of the anaesthetic

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evidence of pyemia and is usually seen in the first year. Tuberculosis

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During this portion of the life of Priestley the great navigator

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injury by work area and type of work. This information will be utilized to

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fibrous growth the conditions are such, provided the

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Inlity and imnnniity. lUill. No. 30 Hyg. Lab., U. S. Pub. Health and M;

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age, and over that a flannel one, the rubber tissue extending simply

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TOUllfam tranter, A«S>*, f.VLS., f.&JBL. 3*9

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whitish areas are scattered so freely throughout the retina as to present an

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renu)val.'' But there were a certain number of cows