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we may mention the mortification of the cheeks or vulva, noma, and

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cytes, that, even after they have been washed and have been

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nerves, passing through bony canals in company with blood-vessels,

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amount of phagocytosis was almost identical in comparable

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cases, some amelioration of the pyrexia and of the general

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mis coating, containing fungi and fine granular cement. From the

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toneal covering usually participates in the inflammation. Subsequent-

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effect. If the morbific power were simply the product of chemical de-

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even in adults, it by no means invariably happens that traumatic or

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rations of iodine also, which have been recently recommended, promise

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Aural Complications of Influenza. — A. H. Cheatle : The

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be moderate eating of all kinds of food, and exclusion of alcoholic drinks ;

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stretch them is very painful. The different muscles swell considerably,

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patients there is a permanent constitutional affection, which shows

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congenital or hereditary tendency to the disease that it can be excited

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direct all his operations in connection with bacterial disease to

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{p) certain unusual forms of acute tubercle, in which the same

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hyperaemia which accompanies the first stage of inflammation of the

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hands and soles of the feet, too, is generally due to superficial inflam-

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brane, while another portion lies upon its free surface. The process

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cholera or dysentery ; the spleen and liver enlarge considerably, and

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in over two years no prospect of a cure was obtained, and

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of ascertaining the percentage of sugar in the urine. The cheaper

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(anaesthesia dolorosa). Hardness of hearing, or complete deafness,

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differs. In the highest grades the cerebral substance, at the point of

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nomatous disease in the body ; sometimes it is secondary to carcinoma

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in which the unctuous matter of the skin does not remain liquid, but as-

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pruritus is to apply to the skin a 5 per cent, aqueous solution of ichthyol,

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posed to a draught, and just as often without any perceptible cause.

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with the symptoms which play the most important part in the diagno-

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certainly in point of safety could not compare with inoculation

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patented by Charles Mackintosh, who gained thereby the

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been extensively destroyed, can be regenerated ; the favorable course

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and are excreted through the kidneys. Part of the analyses of urine

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aroused keen contention, namely, that of spontaneous genera-

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As the disease progresses the harmless animals seen may be re-

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the physician. The inflammation of so important an organ naturally

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improvement both in the mental condition and appetite.

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arid not a decrease, of the total leucocytes. The difference in

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labour, whilst the vaginal examination gives the more precise

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powdery mass ; but later, as a result of the throwing off of the dead

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attack, was based on false premises. The sooner he is freed of his

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and if this number proves insufficient, it seems better to stop their use,

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how near an approximation to the true figure can we hope

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falls off ; but, if of only a moderate degree, the cells may undoubt-

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catarrh, I had constantly found the reaction of the urine to be acid.