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is that we are dealing with a symptom and not with a disease and

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bearing little influence. Large doses of caffein — far greater

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coverage, use deductible and co-insurance, and expand

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months, will often be found to be beneficial, and the patient will have a

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This volume continues the excellence of the series, which is too well

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sigmoid, in a patient 42 years of age, who had been suffering for the

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1, Predisposing: This hemorrhage is rare in the young

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lopathies under study. Hoover et al., 5 in a study of

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Neosalvarsan: In the New York Medical Journal for June 29, A. G.

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drained; after that the patient made a complete and uneventful

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Council shall declare his position vacant and elect a suc-

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Symptoma.-The uiimal auddenly ceases eating and makes

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June 1, 1907, may rightly be said to mark the beginning of

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pollution actually does account for the gradual increase in typhoid

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agreement need not be explicit. Nor is it likely that

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tricts most infected had about half of the cases and less than a

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cian. ENT Physician. Contact Mr. Charles D. Hicks, Director,

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