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Gastralgia. — All this is well illustrated in that neurosis of the
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Macduff Sanitary District, vice J. Hitchcock, M.S., C.M.Aberd.
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I hastily concluded that he was dnmk, but before I left the hospital I
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patient department being undertaken by the Aberdeen Dis-
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by the cool blood of the surface being driven into the internal organs,
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grown up by degrees, and its growth has been due to the
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cnrinir. 1. i-s«; iirrrrs i- . rcc *n:?r rr. p-c.insy un-'i
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ampton some years ago a man injured more than a score of
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ing the malignant cells without affecting the normal cells. In rare
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and suspensory Ugaments and unite with the epigastric and mammary
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Barker, Professor Macewen, Hume. Damar Harrisson, Ward
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the people and the recklessness with which they expose
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practice. He came to me for treatment in May, 1899. Examination
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expectedly ran over her right shoulder. Her mother was about to cover
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The Public Health Act of 1875 enables local authorities to
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R. J. Marks, Mth Bengal Lancers, for three months on private atlairs ;.
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has cleared the bowels an enema of 20 drops of laudanum^in 3 oz. of
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sists in making the end of the metal handle of a scalpel into
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Park, Anerley, S.E., is the Honorary Secretary of the Dinner
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er carbohydi'ate molecules, and which is for this reason called poly-
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Sctt-ies.— V' itt :hr: br^i :•: uri-cihnSi rii^pcts we would mention
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that the clinical affection, diabetes mellitus, ever arises in this way.
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Galen (a. d. 131) speaks of it as the worst of diseases. It was early
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of carcinoma of a very different nature in the other breast,
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-to having taken " about two teaspoonfuls." That, I found,
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will relieve but more opium. So naturally, but so characteristically,
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the importance of revaccination. Statistics in the Prussian Army,
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with most satisfactory results as to vision, and comparative
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■cury, but I should not care to try tlie experiment with a
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changes as any other kind of obstruction, so that when in a general
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arthritic pains and swelling subsides, a result which no other known drug
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tions, or accompaniments, of pulmonary' phthisis is tuberculous laryn-
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