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be steamed, but on the 30th his discomfort was so great and

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nent position, my novel proposition would, sooner or later,

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Three or four geese only should be mated to one gan-

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title of which we have just announced. If then this is the importance of the

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Since this patient entered the hospital she has been carefully pre-

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mingle uniformly with the fluid and produce diffuse cloudiness, or it may

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directed the notice of the public to this matter. The attention of

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causing her any inconvenience. She could ascribe no cause for it, nor

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(4) Common duct obstruction with or without stone in the cystic

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melting point raised to 35.5° C. The total quantity of fat taken was

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of Health of October, 1892, and a copy was mailed to every doctor

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of this type should suggest the possibility of an acute attack in the near

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shows all the signs of supreme exhaustion. There is no muscu-

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General Remarks. — ^The series of examinations of the urine in the

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"as a rule," because I recall certain conditions which Dr.

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that if. in such organisms, the operation of its exciting cause be long continued,

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tions the metalliferous porphyries of Mexico, and the auriferous gra-

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as tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid and typhus fever and in-

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tainly must in these cases attribute to pain a large share in the

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physicians as to which would be more preferable. Senator

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mystery whose initial solemn note is tolled by death?"

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understand the complete evolution of the rest of the Ijody,

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utes after birth. The aut()])sy made four hours later

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nor can we foretell the progress of the symptoms, when a group

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stage is generally a period of systemic reaction to the disease, in which

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trochlear process of the right humerus. Light massage was practiced at

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of snails half boiled and sliced into milk, and take of it three Gv

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The University Pathological Institute is located at the Westend Hospital

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never lost a case nor had cause to feel the least anxiety about a

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ployed. The addition of serum, then, not only increases the titrat-

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urine — the phenomena seemed purely due to myocardial toxaemia.

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water, and covering it with a dry cotton or linen cloth.

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additional therapeutic aid. Vigorous fits of coughing usually

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November 2d, at eight o'clock. Dra J. W. Elliot and F. B.

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ture nearly 102°, pulse 120. As it was in the winter, and I

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few fields of learning in which he was not eminent.

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Faville. Supposed Maladie du coit among horses in Nebraska. Annual

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desire being to obtain money and give nothing in ex-

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enjoy abundant liberty, more, perhaps, than the same class in Europe ; the

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examinations were made on such a small number of cases that

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no account understand her and said to her "If you are

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Labow, Samuel Barry. Clinical Associate Professor of

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water, and drench the horse with it : Take powdered gen-

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Slightly variant, but I believe true specimens of this were ob-

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