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or amorphous phosphorus. The entrance of phosphorus fumes into the
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Americans are called a nervous people. In fact nervous
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In addition to the College and four Divisions the University includes
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though of a different nature had been extracted from bacteria by Buclmer
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Patients who are easily controlled by sympathy or by the will or
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Drs. Wdu and Walter Lincoln have removed their offices
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was no case of sterility amongst their married patients
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begin during pregnancy and lactation it would appear that males are much
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In the more formal gymnastics of the school room it should
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or by hemorrhages from the gastro intestinal tract.
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the Committee was appointed in but the Council never gave an
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support. My intent was to change the spots on that indi
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bers of the profession to whom I have spoken of it regard the
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of the lens. After tenotomy of one or both obliques
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manner of their operation as far as facts have enabled us to
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ance upon one who did not control his desires but he
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to have arisen from the inflamed and irritated state of the
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lated ovarian cyst plus secondary infection from the
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drink is not a heavy eater. Has complained frequently of pain
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