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very abrupt onset and termination, and almost complete

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E^vis, Carwardine, and others. As to nephrolithiasis, there has

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ture was 101 and pulse increased to 100. Headache, pain in

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ment, but it would be interesting to know whether the

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be the quantity of such air poured tlirough the room by any plenum

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dance.— 4th. Yields no offensive odour ; but contains

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the subperitoneal tissue anterior to the bladder, decided to make

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nor our boldness was attended with any ill consequence."

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rial system, be arrested in other organs ; for example, the kidneys in which

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the vermiform process; it was found lying in a cavity contain-

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tinguished from, the mania of general paralysis combined with alcohol.

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that the liver acts physiologically as a safety valve to the heart, and

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peculiar. Aman^ aged 36^ had^ one evenings made an attempt to hang

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of catarrhal lesions affecting different portions of the re-

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much damage could be done by the disease in a week or ten days. It was in

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times a day with saturated solution of boric acid. 6 p. m.: Pulse, 104; temperature,

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necessary to confine her in our institution. This was

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frequently recognizable across the ward, and when the girl was smiling and

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lence of the pain, by the nails hooked over or onto

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time ; but shortly, more fever and more vesical irritability

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you do. I do agree with the gentleman, that we should not overfeed

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referred to me by Mr. Aldred, of Norwich, in March 1841. The case was

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mucus and washes it away, leaving the head bare for I

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his: La niia sez. chir. n. Osp. mags, di S. Giovanni in

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themselves, that any form of hj'dropathic treatment,,

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Academies of Medicine except under conditions call-

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frugal. Later expensive bureaucratic efforts were made to

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Blepharo-plastic operations. Ohio M J., Cincin., 1890, vii,

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the institution shall ultimately form a part of the Medical

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the manipulations were made. I intend to continue my

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of the antrum. Time and again cases answering to his

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municated quite freely with the pelvis, which was over-

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not, however, suffice here as in psoriasis, but the arsenic must be ad-

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the appearance shown in the annexed illustration. The size and direction of