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with TO the LOCAL SECRETARIES. — All other members should

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and interest of the paper, on the necessity of great care in the hygiene

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of bright colour at their margins, and of a lighter tint towards their

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suspected. The principal drugs used were iodide of potassium and oil

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was taken with an inflammation in my eyes, which increased to blindness, or so

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Towards February 15th, 1889, the animal suffered from bronchitis,

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is a relation of the late Professor. If this be the case, and no other

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the absence of reform of the Medical Council. Further, very many re-

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which was adherent over a large surface to the mucous membrane

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of the larger growths was made by his colleague, Mr. H. S. Howse.

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usually limited to the hind quarters ; the hind legs seem paralysed,

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It has been argued against bleeding in this malady that the convul-

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are requested to forward their applications to the President of the

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generally regarded as a very rare affection, partly because it is fre-

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and a centre of solidarity, which will tend more effectually than any

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struggle against infection and help it to emerge triumphant.

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Kitasato had discovered the existence of anti-toxic substances in the

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margins w-ere lost in the subcutaneous tissues. There was no pointing,

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struck by the resistance of the Gallinaceas to mammalian tuberculosis,

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point in the surface of the object turned tow.ards the spectator must be

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of the wound was dissected free for a sufficient distance to allow of its

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of morococci. In impetigo, a disease now regarded as contagious and

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