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is determined that what he thinks he has discovered shall

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quinine. Peruvian bark, 2 ozs. wild cherry tree bark, 1 oz.,

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by imprisonment in the state prison for a term not less than five nor

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more than three years without any chemotherapy. These

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lent be continued much beyond fifteen minutes, other-

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rence Of this is one of the serious objections to the use of

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applicants for commission in the Signal Coros, C.S.A.

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of the base, 33 per cent of fractures of the vault of the orbit, and the

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globules, which in normal individuals pass from the blood-

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sinus, at the point where it is attached to the cord of the umbilical

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brought very ill. His neck was swollen and stiff, and his head bent

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N.w York three, Brooklyn two, Philadelphia, Boston, Balti-


as it is in the other professions. We use the word success, of course, in its pop-

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fish, and, also, because I find that one writer has mentioned

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existing cystitis. The details of the procedure, according

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thus inducing a direct lowering of the temperature, and facilitating the radiation of the heat through

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and strike no blow in defence, is almost intolerable.

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diphtheria as his whole pharynx and nxisal passages were covered

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offensive. Abdomen tender, not distended. Beneath Poupart's

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glottis wide open while the thorax is continuing its rhythmic movements ;

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* In the year 1876, according to the Report of the Brooklyn Board of

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was as high as fifty per day. Of the proportion of deaths from cholera

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effects, we conclude that these primary causes of epidemics proba-

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similar circumstances again, I should do so. The patient's

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poses, and permit excellent work to be turned from them.

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In the thirty-three greater towns of England and Wales with

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(Ipne, but sonu'how she fears she may l»e hhinied for

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