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bacilli which were aggragated on and in the pus cells,

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done in contravention of this Order, it constitutes an offence against

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Why not improve your results by prescribing C.\LCREOSE?

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von Huss, Magnus, 14, 17, 51, 72, 95, 104, 107, 110,

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eases of the gums, which have been claimed by recent

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At Professor Dunstan's suggestion, we have investigated the

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evil, they were the source of much good, and that if quackery was the child of

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I have used it in a few instances only ; for, although it was found

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8. The epiphyseal cartilages and their centers of ossification are

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the horse or the cow, humanity and fine feeling demand

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proportion to the amount of human effort we are willing to put

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tion, who ventured to retain an opinion of their own, and differ

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12 m.. fifteen hours after the ingestion of the poison.

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considerable patches of extravasated blood, the blotches are spoken

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Boon Keng. Curator of Museum, Mr J. R. Higson. Editor of

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wrecks ; but even these respond to honour, are led by love, cling to

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lithium (17) is 70 times as poisonous as sodium (23),

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or four years before serious symptoms appear. In other

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Greeff has had good opportunity to study carefully true trachoma in

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spinal column and could not lower her head or raise it above the

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has in no wise been neglected, as about 100 cases from the author's practice are described

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inserting equal parts of arsenic and corrosive sublimate. After