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17. Review of 3000 records made by Dr. R. C. Cabot.
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subject of remedies. Among other things the bulletin
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ous network projecting into the alveoli. During expiration the
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himself in moving a weight of nearly a hundred pounds, by means
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tality and morbidity may be regarded as preventable. This
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a feeling of crepitation even at the very outset of tlie disease.
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The paroxysm of intermittent fever, of whatever description, is
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Respiration. — This is usually quickened and rarely falls below 20 or
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below the level of the neighbouring healthy cutis. These eleva-
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in the neighborhood of the vertebral column, tend to spread
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rapid and it does not contract the small vessels; Digitalis does.
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done, and the unsuitable occupation is again resumed as being
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tering; this remedy in large and frequent doses, so as to put
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the inner coat whereby a bulging occurs which pushes the middle and outer
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white blood-corpuscles. The latter carry more nuclein
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F. A. Davis Co., Publishers, 1914 and 1916 Cherry Street.
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seen a case of acute tabes enter the City Hospital with-
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90, 5.890 people died from this disease. In the Nether-
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lent meningitis for which little can be done. For the in-
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traumatic epilepsy treated by operation, together with a
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Fatigue. — As a rule this is so marked that the flier on returning to his
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have occurred is the making of various forms of rubber goods, vulcaniz-
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treated the operation wounds in this class of cases by
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Bromide of Potash and Hydrate of Chloral have been of late strongly
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reference to them will be merely of an incidental character as illus-
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of using tap water for dilution of the final extract, 60 per cent,
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experiments the results were similar. Minute particles in close proximity
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ary interspace, which disappeared entirely under treat-
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The death-rates ranged from 13.0 in Halifax to 30.2 in Hull;
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three minutes, or one-fourth the usual time. The ani-
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home stay of 18 months thus costs $27,000 to $30,000, an
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indicated in what has preceded; they may be briefly sum-
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hours at them, often more than eight hours at a time,
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temperature reaches its maximum, usually on the second day, it begins
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