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visit, a medical friend of the patient, under the impression that it

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commenced his " Principles of Surgery.*' The first printed sheet

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to that simple local efiect which attests the genuineness of the virus.

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No. 328. — Dec. 20, 1915. Sputum incubated for 20 minutes; neutral in

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sels as angiomata, aneurisms, and a peculiar tumor in rare instances found

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canal, which are characteristic of the disease. Here then, is some-

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6. Bainbridge, F. A., /. Path, and Bacteriol, 1909, xiii, 443.

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bolism and thrombosis. Women suffer most frequently from anaemia,

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6. Morgenroth, J., Berl. klin. Woch., 1913, 1, 561.

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it — in one instance a degree of excitement was induced by it, on

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ence of functional differences between two morphologically identical

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Occasionally the disease assumes a typhoid type, the tongue becomes

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sel>aceon8 secretion of the skin of the nose. The throat is much better.

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and no biologic differences have been detected. A serum prepared by

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Ear and Throat, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Hygiene,

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tegretol xr once a day

(edematous; there was an augmentation of the febrile symptoms, and

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dura mater, and may be acute or chronic ; it is usually localized. Chronic

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ounce of this tincture at the onset of the paroxysm ; if this does not con-

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and in the latter year both Doctors Bolles and Dick-

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father, infects the offspring and, secondarily, the mother through the foetal

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does not increase in size, except by fresh hemorrhage in its vicinity.