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and other forms of violent muscular exertion. But in these cases, again,
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its original size. Resolution may occur even when the swelling and local
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puriform secretion, giving off a penetrating, disgusting odour. On the
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tabes dorsalis. b. Sclirose latiraU amyotrophique. Treatment.
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Where there is mobility of the kidney to a considerable degree the
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issues of the volume. Where duplicate numbers may appear, the scientific
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position to the " Ethics of Marriage," and a treatise on urinary
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that need to be considered are presented in Table 1.
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profuse sweating. Nov. :;o/// (28th day). Has had considerable diarrhoea during the
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V. J. H. HoBART BuRGE, M. D.— A Case of Partial Placenta P*r!Evia. Novel Mode
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with a brownish crust, in the clefts of which we see a
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Urbantschitsch, of Menna, has again brought his re-
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of years. If the subject sleeps during the day and is awake
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To emphasize the opposite state of affairs — viz.,
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while the use of motor a;-ray wagons and motor laboratories
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f On Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and Aorta, 2d edit., p.
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cannot but regard such cases as essentially distinct from the others, and
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expressions in which it is described, it appears to be regarded as
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more efficient practice. It should, however, be recollected,
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Another Xiphopagus. — {The Journal of the American Medical
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those whom they, by special permission, were allowed to introduce. She had
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tions without mercury. Illinois & Ind. M. & S. J., Chicago,
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serve life and to regenerate impaired struc- has really become a rare operation. The fact
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protecting response against the consequences of ischemia. Trend
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The Physician's Visiting List (Lindsay «fc Blakiston's) for 1884. Thirty-third year.
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of King's College Hospital, I saw a police constable with one on
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from among men employed in regimental hospitals, men wounded
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the fat had the " ordinary characters of soft human fat." I
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thus tending to throw the leg out. In cases of abduc-
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The age of the patient at the time of onset of the nervous phe-
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meant anything. At one time excess of lactic acid in the blood was invoked as
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no right of supervision, it would mean that the work would not be done,
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is not at all an easy matter, and in the viewing radiogram
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under mercurial treatment was thirty-seven. The action of some reputed specific
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the following important ones : Voisin's fourth case, Duret's
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"water; diluted sulphuric acid is added until neutralization
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totomy, with the view of removing the growth, was tiie
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relates with much pathos the sad plight of a family of Polish