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their point of crossing being brought to inner and upper part of thigh close to
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where the pain commenced, and where the lump was left.
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Otis Clapp & Son offer special inducements to physicians desiring to purchase
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rise to the most serious type of lesion. It is, therefore, easy to
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posure for an hour to a temperature of 60° to 70° C.
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else without due regard to the individual's digestive and
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Diagnosis. The affections with which paramyoclonus is likely to be
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who not only wrote fine prose and verses, but was a scholar and a
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in size. During this time and the year following the patient
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of chorea ; but the Germans have not attached nearly so much importance
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frequently, as the muscles of respiration were becoming affected, the
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Constantinople Confereuce, as well as at the Pans Conference in
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malous affections, whose continuance sets at defiance the
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normal acidity (10), i case showed no atony, o case
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very much brolcen, and there are usually much heat about the head, and
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Beth Israel Medical Center, and Professor of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai Medical
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abdominal Avound was entirely closed by catgut sutures in layers. The
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possible to say whence they came. The latter portion
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comings in the discharge of my official duties will be more than compen-
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thing that these men are doing, and we are practically powerless to get at them except in the
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obtained from the Royal College of Surgeons of London, whose certifi-
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» The Annual Address in Medicine, delivered before the British Medical
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The febrile condition gradually passed away, the appetite came back, and the
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tific life, and less reluctance in making admission that there
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thin or dense, is in such a case a phlogistic product. The pro-
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become indispensable not only to the specialist but to the general practictioner.- iVisw
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are recognized as foci of the staphylococcus. There
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be mentioned. For further details the reader is referred to the author's
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ated with a solution of chemically pure Bicarbonate of Sodium and
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repute is because of the way in which it is frequentiy carried out
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best means of prevention, methods of treatment, the advisahility or
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general dietitic and hygenic treatment, we may in the
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dental operations. A clear statement as to what type of operation
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professors, gives at this time two Moirs, lairds of Scotston, near
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repentant of some things, irresolute in others, and hopeful in few,
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ter how foul a privy or sewer may be, the emanations from it, provided it con-