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content which has hitherto thinned the ranks and diminished

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Gand, 1890, x, 523-566, 2 pi. Also: Eec. d'oplith.. Par.,

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death rate was large; yet many recovered. The young

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and acuminated elevation of the cuticle, with an inflamed bafe, not con-

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bility, and that many plans have been put forward as

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be true that the changes of the blood may be in accordance with the portion €i tke

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and posterior to the great trochanter. This he commenced at

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Fig. 345. Retrograde cancer-cells, granules and granular masses, with crystals of

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sutures were made in a double row, deep and superficial.

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hill-ranges naturally settles down on the town, producing,

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Influence of Ether HarcoBis upon the Oenito-urinary

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tirely unbroken from the first to the last; and a strong and earnest de-

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the town of Hy^res itself, as we liave already said, is exposed

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tuberculosis. He spent the winter of 1903-1904 in Florida

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Public education, the public health, the care of the poor,

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against systole. This pressure is increased, so that the work done by the muscle, or

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tive under all circumstances, and which excludes all others from

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it. The limb has never received the proper blood-supply. There

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medical practitioner should, under section 47, certify to the

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often has convulsions for slight reasons connected with

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very feverish, while at the same time the Thermoineter in axilla registered

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infancy and childhood. Osteoresection. The general trend of

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The French Codex. — The Minister of Public Instruction has designated a

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causes an increase in the appearance or flow of this cloudy and fre-

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trouble there will be with them. During the course of the disease the

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separation being impossible, the doctor was compelled to refrain from making an examina-

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of the body. The failure of bacteria to multiply in the

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tions which have been made towards the advance of the medical

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extremity. I have only met with one instance of it in the

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the fractures reduced and immobilized. Some believe in obtaining

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proceeded to give mixtures, both intrapharyngeally and intratracheally,

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Rouen; The length of the fcetus at different period^ of intra- |

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mild. But it is after death, in severe cases, somewhat

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tional syphilis. The author's experience with the com-

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cavity. When he described this it reminded him very

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ure of the rectum, and whether it can be recognized by microscopi-

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jections were then given for three days, with a like result. Then the entire

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ing abscesses with the formation of fistulae and sinuses, extending over a

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vised, with the subsequent use of iodoform and boric acid

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Cost of instruction in German, Latin, Greek II. 32, 101

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cially, neuralgia, hysteria, cancer and ulcer of the' stomach. A

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likely that the last plan would answer; or after the

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until your subscription is paid, and when it is paid a whole