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sures applicable in general to paralysis, remedies having reference to the
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the frequency and duration of the paroxysms. They are sometimes short,
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paralysis affecting successively parts supplied by different cranial nerves ;
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of the liver or the surrounding parts. The opportunity of obtaining
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with albuminuria is rare ; it has, however, been observed in a small num-
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ing on the melancholy steps by which it is attained, on the
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vasomotor centers could more easily be affected by changing the
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therefore falls within the domain of surgery. An inflammatory affection
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or great obstruction of the ureter. If the obstruction be removed, a
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The affection is presented to the practitioner in different phases. In
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likely to be mistaken for it, is hysteria; an aflection of no very
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facial nerve damages also the motor fibres which have come over from
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columns leads to atrophy limited to the fibres composing these columns
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villous flocculi, so abundant on the mucous membrane, are
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Allis, E. p., Jr. 1897 The cranial muscles, and cranial and first spinal nerves
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fibers entering the mesencephaUc root, which are very numerous
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8.1 fi. The smallest was 5.3 n, and the average for the fifty
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potent by pernicious publications or lectures, designed to alarm sensitive
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The observation of Rubaschin ('03) of a 'gangUon olfactorii nervi
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valescence. Solid food should be allowed as soon as convalescence is
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quency of health. In one of my cases the average frequenc^^ was 69. But
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considers as giving rise to varieties of the several species. Thus arranged,
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and infection, and, since the discovery of vaccination, it has ceased to be
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duce a morbid symptom. Can we then wonder that these
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volume is thus emfihatijally a work for tha medical student, to aid in hij acquiring a clear and
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the several branches of the anterior cerebral artery, was deter-
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and was wanting in 34. The rationale of renal dropsy has been considered
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to the laryngeal affection, the reader is referred to the chapter of this
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touch or of general sensibility. But, it may be said, that the
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the pulse and rise of temperature, symptoms not belonging to embolism
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istence of fatty liver and pulmonary tuberculosis is not due to coincidence ;