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cation of it is supposed to be the cause of the condition.
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them in the abdominal sutures. A glass drainage tube
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gave fluctuation, and she was in a very bad way at the
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In Maine, the walls of an asylum were partially erected last
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Fractures of the Clavicle, Scapula, Ribs, Spine, Pelvis 290
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me recently that he had seen three distinct gastric hemorrhages orig-
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friends describe as a fainting-fit, followed, on Maul:
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constantly: scarcely a minute passes when out comes
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tiful drawing (d'aprh Biondi) of salivary micro-organisms analogous
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metatarsal articulations, exposes much less bone surface, and gives a
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A corpuscle containing a half-grown organism may suddenly rupture ;
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monia collected by the junior author, 12 were terminal infections.
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bath, tends, almost certainly, to prevent the subsequent and so much
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pathies with remoter parts. Chronic irritations of the primge viae,
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would have their value ; but personal investigation (carried on, it
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shall. Still it seems by the following dream, that those who use the filthy
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of nails in preparation for antiseptic operations to be well-founded.
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reasons for this opinion were, that the mental emotion
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certainly, as a rule, more experience in amputating than is possessed by
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which he applied the remedy was by dusting the powder over
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dung shall be scraped and swept, and scrapings, sweepings, and litter
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described them as " floppier "than his normal limbs.
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his herd, and declined all offers to purchase, being now
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containing hyacinths in full flower produced headache and
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the public mind to grasp the importance of this subject, that
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These conditions are visible also in the thighs which
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arch up and interfere with the line of vision ; this latter should
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for the physician, requires a larger number of con-
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available beds has however since varied greatly ; in March, 191G, when the
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Excellent financial packages plus incentives make these outstanding
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loss of power in the face or arm, possibly in the leg, on the opposite
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the gases, and are, at the same time, anti-putrefactive
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ligature. Trans. 8th Internat. Med. Cong., London, 2:446-448,
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well known in the King's County, where they resided ; one far advanced in
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and intercostal muscles with carcinomatous material. The colour
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fourth day, and recurred profusely on the sixth ; it was arrested by
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sixty-eight of which were of the gangrenous variety.
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guinal folds, on the haunches, and even on the trunk. Their form
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and tuberculization was called caseation. The true tubercle,
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In animal models, diltiazem interferes with the slow inward
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appetite and digestion, and in removing the nervous
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face appears, take a piece of white arsenic about the
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