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Examination of the pathological characters naturally follows
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majority leaving to take up some form of war work. Of
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or tissues, therefore, is the only reliable indication of
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hypodermatically, and attempted for twenty minutes to reduce
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vincial boards or colleges. Under Dr. Roddick's plan
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blood is obtained by venipuncture, and inoculated into tubes of
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a very uncomfortable night ; had been very nervous ; — hot — thirsty
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reason that it only adds illegitimacy to degeneracy, and thus the chil-
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*' morbus nihil aliud mihi videatur quam m,ediocris sanguinis
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the prime cause of this disease among the lower class of peo*
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j3. Medullary or Soft Cancer. Medullary, or encepha-
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short period, destroy the action of the bacilli? Have
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ous minute petechia; resembling flea-bites ; menses had returned.
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Now, I have given a short description of the ideal nurse for
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the public schools entertains her pupils with the intri-
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Jenkins, William T., 109 E. 26th St., New York, New York Co.
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describes as being of a lancinating character, resembling that
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papers on ** History," by W. W. Beckett ; *• Elec-
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at least, encroaches on the dorsum of the thalamus a
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antero-posterior diameter; consequently the parallel rays
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The subject of statistics has not been broached, and we have to be
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for a particular disease of .025 deaths per 1,000 strength per year
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considered prima facie binding. Thus, the principle of
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and sections cut. Under these circumstances, tetanus-bacilli
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probably the result of being sent from the controlling influence of
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his forty-two years there he has served in numerous
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therefore entered into communication with the President of the
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Linked with this phenomenon of the early and comjjlete
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presented. No cause, however worthy in itself, can hope to
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by the published accounts of the disease — in cerebro-spinal meningitis,
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Also, Keprint. — Cliaiilcmesse & Wi<lal. fitude ex-
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tifying surgeons to the factories," because all children
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either confrrming the death of some victim or attending the
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water-courses, or drains ; of human intercourse, of crowding
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the benefits of iodine may be obtained i)y this method.
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teaspoonful for a child two years old, and repeat every two or three
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will be purely scientific in character. The programs
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children it may be the result of neglect and the formation of a bad