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this end, the phalanges assume various degrees of semi-flexion or of
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which followed the administration of alkalies. Some gave up all
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will abstain from unsuitable foods, and provide rest and favorable
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pint of boiling milk. After standing a while strain it to separate the
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is in contact with the spleen, and is much larger than the right.
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ished, and but little gastric juice is secreted. Old people, therefore,
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tain unwholesome foods, and the use of certain medicines. Before
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a resultant part. To consider the latter as a separate feature is a distortion
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necessary to neutralize the acids with alkalies ; prompt action is es-
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fibre .us tissues are sometimes distinctly infiltrated with urates. Yet,
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of secretion and nutrition. It is in the abdominal and pelvic organs
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Mania and melancholia are not infrequent consequences of cerebral
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been many times mistaken. The chief symptoms are tenderness upon
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the reputation of affording relief. Fifteen or twenty drops of the
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class entitled to " examination honors " miofht be im-
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absence of acetone the liquid is decolorized by excess of acetic acid and
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cirrhosis of the liver, gravel, and leukaemia the blood contains an
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produces precipitates which behave in this manner. When nitric acid is
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In many instances it is necessary to combat the unfavorable symp-
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wine and Moselle. Haig declares as the result of his analysis that
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constant in limbs affected by arthritis deformans, even when its
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both of saving the heart from the action of the rheumatic poison and
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peated with all the graduates in succession, they list-
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then its germ origin becomes positively established.
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in sums of from ten to twenty dollars each, amounting
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usually very troublesome in consumption and other wasting diseases.
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precipitate, which rapidly blackens (Zeller's test). Von Jaksch has also
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mixing amlodipine and fenofibrate
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the child's stomach. Thousands of children die of cholera diseases
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tence, pruritus, furunculosis, tuberculosis, etc. ) and leads the patient
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for any length of time, and for the most part death after a short
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The following abbreviations commonly used will be found com
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I. — Health axd Disease. II. — The Two Great Types op Dis-
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ing of weakness in the lower limbs that is sometimes experienced by
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60 gm. butter (with bread, bread and cheese, and potatoes) — 480
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These do not originate cholera, but are favorable for its develop-
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It is not always easy to distinguish between the soft chancre which
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Preserved meats : Dried or smoked meat, smoked or salt tongue,
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and uric acid would be diminished, and the blood would become capa-
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ficiency at examination," and are increased both in
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