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ing their work and the expense of travel would make
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tendon of the stapes could be seen to move together
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eligible for same. Write for particulars. Box 236, N. Y. St.
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alkali, sodium citrate being the most desirable because it is a physio-
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apprised of the situation by the employer’s carrier,
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for disclosing fractures, demonstration of changes in
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a plea of irresponsibility, it would, like charity, cover the multitude of
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superior temporal quadrants for color, and there was
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lem in a big way. I am fully cognizant of the great
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the sponge into the larynx ; for the contraction of the glottis, which
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instead of lowest. Of course, there were many other circum-
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tubercle as necessarily extends. This, then, is one cause of tubercle ;
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regular subscribers comply with the terms upon which the
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fibroids. During the period under consideration treat-
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a matter of great concern, especially' since the costs in
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class of patients and the geographic location. One can-
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on “Multiple Etiology in Psychiatr}^ and Medicine,”
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7. Zondek, Bernhard: Ueber die Funktion des Ovariums,
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black, or j)eels off, leaving the sur&ce intensely red and shi-
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Reader, timt mthiag teauthaw ittdaetJ him, ta hit pnRaf Sita-
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ders. Photographs and particu- “a«?ho* l j S pI«k*
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Case 21 .—On the 19th of June, 1854, 1 was consulted on the case of
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the obstinate fact that human laws can only take cognizance of acts, and
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thing but cold water, which was forbidden, except in very small quantity.
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termed as a grade A milk. They told him he was crazy,
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as depreciation. The amounts so charged off should be
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Ihis exciting' cause, the nature of which 1 an unable to de-*
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ditions. — Digitalis is often ineffective and may-
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supply nearly all that is requisite. The brandy contained in it would
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form of tachycardia may itself be due to digitalis.
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to take place. This symptom cannot, and ought not, then, to be consti-
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As a result of the deliberations of the first meeting
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The twofold antibacterial action of ‘Sulfa -Neolin’ is
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Thus we see that all those cases described as being " pos-
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mentioned, was a " lump of figs." The Materia Medica of the
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32. Adair, F. L., and Hesseltine, H. C.: ibid. 32 : 1 (1936).
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eyea« oou racted pupiU, hwoUci oonn enance, coma Mud sterrorous rt »pi-
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of liver, lung, spleen, and possibly the intestinal
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ever since the birth of man ; and Chemistry tells us that the
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nosis will not be difficult. The position, size and
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0 Barach, A. L., and Beck, G. .1.: Am. ,J. Med. 16: 55