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unconscious for twelve hours. Blood flowed freely from the nose and
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patient treated was a little girl aged eight years.
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The i OHt iortcm examination was made a few hours after
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We have before us the mortality statistics of the seventh census
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sition produced by the use of Murphy s button was found
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Afterprayer Ijy Dr. Tiaill Green of Lafayette College
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by sutures. This can be readily done if the stump is left
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starboard side gave him a penetrating wound at the right temporal region the
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at other times. Eashes due to drugs for example may disconcert even
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that of the next one. The transverse processes are not infrequently involved.
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ciation encourages all medical students regardless of specific affiliation i.e. ortho
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and to Mr. John Hartwell for their kindness in supplying me with iDaterial.
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watering at a public trough is due to the fact that a man
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the general hygiene viz. occupation clothing exercise
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could were enucleation to be performed. The operation
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cases of old traumatic dorsal dislocations at least he had
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of the middle ear due to syphilis the perception of the
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faction unaccompanied by coloration or change in the
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much so large as a horse bean.. In more severe forms a
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bloodvessels was clear such vessels being seen in longitudinal
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haemoptysis. The patient complained of inability to draw breath
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it is an injury for which there is fio legal redress
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Means of preventing Phthisis was the title of a suggestive
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around to ascertain where all the haemorrhage was coming
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studied by Sydenstricher and Sutton and gave similar results in that
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makes a number of useful criticisms of this scheme. So technical a work
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mothers because sulfonamides are excreted in human milk and may cause kernic
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upon the head and in the course of n year scales were
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avoid an undue disturbance of the patient at night. Other directions will
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The diseases from which they suffer are mainly those
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do good in inflammations by their ability to set up a reaction and
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suria and as further observations showed there was sometimes a marked
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fidently as Berkeley does he speaks of most indisputably decid
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apothecaries weights and measures into gp ams dose table in both English
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