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118 'Congenital Dislocation of the Shoulder with Report of Two
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4. Data on file. Miles Inc. Pharmaceutical Division.
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first slightly hypersemic. The surface is smooth and resistant
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larger in the towns than in the rural districts ; and here, again,
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Bellows sounds are occasionally caused by accidental circum-
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tion as we ascend the social scale we and our children de-
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to 20 times as much as was found in the normal specimens.
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purgatives ; after the inflammation is subdued, the limb may be
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contain a large excess of alcohol or acetic acid, in either of which liquidsthel
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be attended with grave dangers. Compression of the esophagus by enlarged
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a ureter catheter. In three cases of essential renal hematuria this treat-
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from all the statistics available I find the average duration to be about three
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unwonted violence, or a neglected and protracted state of the
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having been sold in less than four months), I visited Germany this summer and
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quite vigorous ; the legs can be kept raised a long time without
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(E. A.) Du foetus mort et retenu dans la cavit6 uterine
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nearly 94,000 English soldiers, 4,419 died by battle,
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Obstruction. — Obstruction of the bowels is sometimes caused by a
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them as they come from the University ; in the former case their