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apex of Scarpa's triangle, the vein is already behind the

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scope of this article to enter into its consideration. So


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functions the powers of healing; after which it became an organ-

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succeed in arresting its progress. I have hkewise seen several xBases of

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and always fatal lesion. Gangrenous or fetid abscess of the

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Each man's constitution is to be studied in the wliole

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3. Duane TD, Osher RH, Green WR: White-centered hemorrhages:

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surgery by members of the homoeopathic profession, and the facilities

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ciirbonis dcta-ijens, acts as a fortifier to the too soft epithelium.

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The probable explanation is that in these cases the left auricle, being

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organs from each other, the source of the rays must not be made

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cases the severity and duration were considerably mitigated.

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lAti-ni lit' zi iiulu- ii. ihc riL;lit fi tlu' -icrnuin. 'I'lu- .ip<.'\- In-.tt \,i- nm

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later, and tbe Inquisition tried Peter de Apono, a physician, for

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surface of the ground, where it can be reached and scattered about

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and Social Services may designate a deputy or other

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in kidney, containing calculi. Dr. Pbilipson on, 300 ;

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about the size of a pin head. Pathologically these are com-

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on the conclusion of peace we shall most likely be in

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Lecture Seminar, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, the

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her disease. On the map. Figure 7, she is indicated by a solid circle

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vention of a free access of air, we have the irritating

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of crowding in the'buildings already occupied. This has not only inter-

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and whether I instance the suppression of puerperal fever by recog-

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In his iirticlo upon " 'I'lio I/nniliiti«>iis of tin- lullueiico of tlii^

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European races, bave been shown to be largely derived

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M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery in charge of Neurosurgery. • WILLIAM B. ALSUP, M.D.. Assistant in Clinical

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distinguished from the condition Avhich occurs in many acute diseases

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the nose may become as large as the fist and may hang down over

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epinephrin the blood sugar went only to 0.124 per cent, and no sugar