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or some other portion of the gastro-intestinal tract, or more fre-
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records in a case in which multiple arthritis, partly of a suppurative
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graph, the Edelmann large model being used. The string of the
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non- syphilitic diseases, reports a case of sarcoma of the cerebellum in
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by Sevestre, Symes, Thompson, Wynn, Puyhaubert, Alexander,
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those of supposed pulmonary etiology, and since the improvement
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prognostic value to nuclear position in the neutrophils, he refers to the
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optical activity, nitrogen, glucose, ammonia, acetone, aceto-acetic
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not intermittent as in other thyroid enlargements. Sometimes the growth
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gas I could and she slowly recovered, and later her family wished
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shield at one side similarly protected. The operator works with his arms
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of detecting pathological conditions in the jaw. In some instances,
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'lipoid' substances which are used for the purpose. For example, the
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then in the throat. He also suffered from gingivitis. For two weeks
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process, is due to a toxic substance liberated during the anaphyl-
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should be given slowly. Serum should never be injected without there
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of carcinoma. He proceeded to examine the question by means of blood
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tension was from the stage of decompensation. The drug usually failed to act
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Patient, J. M., male, aged thirtj'-nine years, entered hospital November
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ing of large amounts of undigested fat or meat after the Schmidt
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stantaneously, it is generally most severe with these last. In
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namely: (a) emphysema, much of which is effect, not cause, (6)
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deepening in very old cultures, as glycerin agar, to a brownish.
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artery. The authors established Eck's fistulae in a number of dogs and
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thyroxin. By this means an impure precipitate is prepared, from which
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In previous articles the authors have shown that in acute poly-
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strate the presence of urobilin in serum after it had stood for
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whose constitution had already been impaired both by poverty
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view was found in the fact that the blood of the renal vein was found to
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Hopkins. Urobilin, Guj^'s Hospital Reports, 1893, 1, 351.
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rubber gloves. In the screening of applicators and against gamma radia-
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Dumarest, P., Parodi, P., et Lelong, J. Sur la pathogenie des epanche-
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and of the subsequent changes; these fluids should undergo
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8 (29,6 per cent.). Joints and soft tissues, 16 (59,3 per cent,).
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in other words, tuberculin, according to the author, is not antigenic. It is