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and the introduction of a plug of some kind into the vagina, in order to keep

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be free of rheumatism in consequence of the harmful

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isks of a procedure, the usual consent form is not enough to

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of this in Baltimore in 1901, when three patients were admitted from one house

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congenital disturbances in colour perception; the ab-

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Nerve Injuries in Making Intravenous Arsphenamin Injections 329

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ence between the right and left abdominal reflexes.

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that the same principles should govern the use of the

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of the lower triangle of the neck. Paraesthesia was well marked.

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down than before, with some slight dilatation of the soft parts, all doubt as to

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the respiration calorimeter. When first observed his metabolism was

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neal cavity — an accident that is far more frequent

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ciation; (2) the state licensing board; and (3) a high-grade medical

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At the meeting of the Medical Society of the State of

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cal and autopsy records of autopsy specimens. The name of the

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of assisting the patients in directions other than those which were

ventolin salbutamol sulphate side effects

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tions of active oxygen, attending to each other in the relation of ^

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want of fire, and from the assemblage and meeting together

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thyroid hormone therapy alone could have helped our

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uation of gastrointestinal bleeding by red blood cells labeled in vivo

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at first appeared to do better than those given thorough surgical

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about the middle of the fourth century, erected what

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return of his old pain, after an exposure on the water

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the Chart. A second desquamation began on the thirty-fifth

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recommended. He advises beginning with a solution not stronger than

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ance," and of these he prefers ipecac. He would also advise the local

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