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and legs when necessary, as in cases especially of psoriasis.

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means, for it weakens the patient. There are certain mental

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spiration, which frequently is a sequence of this disease.

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the placenta is retained by morbid adhesions to the uterus,

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'^>resent case, I may state that the experiments of Professor

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Trenton, N. J., and Edward E. Street, the Assistant City

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Each article is introduced by a short statement of the leading

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country, where broader fields lay open for a man of his

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inflammation attacks the heart ; but bleeding in different

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the Elimination of Nitrogen. By E. A. Parkes, M.D., F.ll.S.

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the ureters may become tortuous, there will be rectro-

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consequent upon this disease, we treat for a symptom at the

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half an ounce to the pint. It exerts a remarkably beneficial

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Nothing could be more opportune than this little work of

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the 'thigh of the compound limb equals in size the buttocks

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the nitrogenous foods would be much more suitable as articles of

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become routinists, and administer calomel, ant. tart, quinine,

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thing but oil and pills of some kind. There was every

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The subject is still fairly new and further experiments

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removal of tlie ovaries instead of checking the tendencies

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first long jmarch was most disastrous. Many convalescent

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the issues surrounding primary care. I listened with

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of consciousness or an uncontrollable impulse regarded in the

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Remittent — the former being of comparatively rare occur-

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come readily developed as a secondary pathological condition

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