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the night of his arrival ; I saw him the next morning. The striking features

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vomiting, without localizing phenomena but attended by albuminuria,

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acid was combined with albumoses, and the mixture did not react to Congo-paper.

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the absence of the chairman. Dr. W. J. Wilson, seconded by Dr.

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seemed to me, could be met in the choice of Hacker's

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—J. Walsh.— \V. Evans.— M. H. Clayton. — E.

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Inasmuch as the quantity of serum which could be derived from mice

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are not put to work this proposed scheme and kindred

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that dispensed fines or corporal punishment for even trivial

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demographic de Mailrid. ii, 16^ )qi., 1 1., 1 tab.,

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anesthetized and recovered again after a few hours. In these

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The disease then attacked the other side of the jaw,

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patient much improves after a continued course of small doses

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complete repair. The largest muscles in the body are

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in many camps and civil communities, it seemed important to continue

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attack of appendicitis, and had been ill for twenty-four hours.

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apiece — this lunatic — to sane Edinburgh citi-

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noticed a swelling in the neck, was short <>f

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disease from syphilitic action on the brain and nervous system.

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may tend to render the bile-passages less susceptible to infection,

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gradually wore oflP, but she remained quite unwell during the remainder of

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The progress in cancer must be unfavourable — modified,

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could also be assumed to answer for this electric state,

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believe that a child has an inherited tendency to close

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lowing notes, found on page Ea : Eclampsia, puerperal —

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CSMS pensions were of the defined benefit type, and the CMMI plan was for a defined

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pended in the intestinal contents. But it is uncertain whether this is

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domadaire he has inserted the particulars of six in-

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tunics. They remain inert for an indefinite period, and irritation will

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ttea'^mll voluntary motionij i»-he found deglutition and some

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than before. On the contrary, the enlargement and tension of the

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appeared to have an unfavorable influence on nitrogen, phosphorus and