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scription of various forms of treatment, medicinal and otherwise. In

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The general symptoms simulate those of chronic glanders, the fever-

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neck is often associated. "Plica polonica " was a phrase once used to'

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disturbance. Some tumors, however, particularly lipomata, produce only

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Hysteric hyperesthesia is also a frequent clinical manifestation, and is

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tain the properties of drugs? When selected and their proper-

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Dr. Ella E. Severance, class of 1901, B. TJ. S. M., has entered upon

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often it is associated with a fine tremor, and at times there are clonic

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beloAv as being dependent upon the gouty diathesis be associated, or

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The various forms of the disease thus far described arise seco7idarily.

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also come wavy pulsations in the cervical veins, and occasionally a mild

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jyainful respiration (owing to implication of the diaphragm), hj vomiting

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At this point, about under the anterior fontenelle, we can theorize

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sailors at sea and soldiers in the field, and epidemics were com-

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pains and an absence of the knee-jerk, but neither ocular nor any other

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lamisil and pregnancy

charge of daughter-cysts and hydatid fluid may take place. Lastly, sup-

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diac weakness that is so common in advanced cases. The liver, lungs,

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under two heads : (1) treatment of the attack, and (2) the treatment be-

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the previous history of the patient. If there be a latent or incipient

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icteroid tint of the skin is present in about 25 per cent, of the cases.

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cases of tropical dysentery. In addition to amoeba, dysenteric

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