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enormous influence in shaping public and professional opinion. Two

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bination, and, furthermore, acute myositis is not " polymuscular," but is

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and " high-dilutionist." We would suggest " homoeopathist "

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the eye, ear, and throat clinic in the Southern Homceo-

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12. How is it possible to get a?iy other than a mental effect

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of strychnia may cause the leg of a frog to jerk ; this is a

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tremities are most severely attacked, and in them, too, the inflammatory oedema

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orders : their' Diagnosis and Treatment. By Lionel S.

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fracture is reduced by a localized external compression.

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She resides at San Josi:, Cal. Another sister, Hattie, died

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It must not be forgotten that the flat facets they show are

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A cut therein, representing crystals identical with those in the

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which may have been used moderately by some, but to excess

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If we examine the painful places we find a marked tenderness upon pressure

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Bachelor of Arts. He entered upon the study of medicine at the

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At Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 15, 1908, Dr. Copeland was married

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fourteenth of the second series of our British Homoeopathic Con-

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II. Entirely different from the myeloid system is the lymphatic system,

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should be a means of communication between sanitarians and the

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practical subjects, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics during

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one of the most promising in the field of abdominal sur-

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portable tent (French soldiers). The rifle kept in place by

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Its cost is not, after all, so great a bar to its use as might be

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of the bullet remains localized. The injury is of the nature of a

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of Women and Children, Vol. 12, No. 2, April, 1880).

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The course, duration, and rate of mortality, of the other germ

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his death was not a surprise to those who knew of his long

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practice of Velpeau and Ricord, of Sichel and Desmarres in diseases

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Water for Infants. — A physician of the New-York Nursery and Child's

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angle of the mouth through the left orbit to vertex. Sex of foe-

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fore very proper that much time and attention have been given