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Los Angeles, and San Bernardino may be placed within the provi-

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administered to 233 patients in the tuberculosis hospital

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of syphilis of the pulmonary artery, in which the evidence is not sufficient

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M.D., Psychiatrist-in-CWef, TTie Institute of Living,

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harbored the polio virus, were then tested for neutral-

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The slaughter of calves, sheep, and goats follows generally the plan

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or whitewash was apparent. Windows were not clean. Sheep coolers in good shape.

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1906 there were but 3 outbreaks (in January). In May, however,

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isolated, ventilated, and lighted ; brick floor ; cement ceiling ; fireproof construction.

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animal's temperature was maintained on the smaller ration.

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the red blood cells. Urine examination was normal. The

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Blocks 1 and 4 of this card are being filled in at the Statistical

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Kohler, Eugene J St. Louis Lembeck, Joseph A St. Louis McAdam. James D Prairie Hill

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Experimental tuberculosis, human and bovine, in the domestic animals,

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22, 1938). The pathologist reported some hemorrhage and

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treatment would be suicidal for the strongest man. Her violence

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presented the following picture: To one side of the section was seen

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function and later these areas take on new growth. This may be fol-

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trachea, but only enough thyroid tissue should be excised (usually from

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whether they should be alloTved to pass unconditionally, be made

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supports enables the physician to prescribe remedial

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that the two most ■widely used products of plasma frac-

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